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We are happy to offer a couple of new features with our new site.  Now you can buy on-line lessons and lessons right here, using secured PayPal. The more you buy, the more you save!

If you would like to buy 30 lessons or more, we offer a monthly tuition payment.  Please contact us for details.

Military, homeschooled students and senior citizens will receive 10% off per transaction.

We changed our forum to a blog, so it will be easier for us to share our news, pictures and videos!

Now you can leave your comments and rate our pictures and articles in our Picture Gallery and Blog.

I hope you will enjoy using the new features of our newly designed site. We are open to suggestions and comments to make our site better!

Please register, so you can use all of the new features our site offers. 



 Nadia Ilardi




+1#1Kelly Orrell2014-03-24 22:41
We love Nadia! Our entire family has benefited from her piano lessons. She has enriched our lives via music. Her teaching style is extraordinary. From using proper technique to playing music with passion, we have advanced quickly in our playing and our understanding of music. I look forward to every lesson!

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