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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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QuestionAt what age can my child begin lessons?
AnswerThis depends on the individual child and his or her attention span, maturity, and interest level, but usually a child is ready to start by the age of four.

QuestionHow often and how long are lessons?
AnswerLessons are usually conducted once per week for thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes, depending on the age, ability, and attention span of the student, as well as family preference.

QuestionHow much of a commitment must the student make?
AnswerThe instructor will work with the individual to establish an appropriate practice schedule that meets the needs of the student. As a guideline, the beginner youth should plan to spend between fifteen and thirty minutes per day (minimum) practicing. Older youth and adults might expect to practice for between thirty and sixty minutes.

QuestionWhat about tuition?
AnswerTuition is paid monthly, and families with two or more children taking lessons receive a reduced rate. We also have special rates for senior citizens, military and home-schooled children. Thirty days notice is required before discontinuing lessons.

QuestionIs there a registration fee?
AnswerThere is a non-refundable registration fee of $55. This fee cover 2 books and regular recitals for an upcoming school year 

QuestionWhat are the qualifications of the instructors?
AnswerAll of our instructors are experienced teachers and have at least  B.A. in music instrument they teach. They have passed a rigorous screening process which includes an extensive background check, a performance audition, a formal interview, and reference checks. Our teachers are committed to helping our students discover a passion for music and will help our students progress through stages of learning which build upon proper techniques and music theory achieved in beginning stages.

QuestionWhat about recitals?
AnswerThere will be at least one recital per year (optional for adults), as well as various opportunities to participate in Federation Festivals, advanced student recitals, and other competitions.

QuestionDoes the Nadia School of Music need additional instructors?
AnswerPlease click on the link or see the For Teachers page

QuestionAre there any other fees or discounts?
AnswerPlease see our Fees and Discounts page. 

QuestionWhat are your Terms of Service and Return Policy?

Student's testimonials

"...I am very grateful to Nadia for her help, and I can highly recommend her to adults who want to learn or improve their play, as well as to parents with younger children who need special training...."


Student's testimonials

"...Marina is an exceptionally patient and caring piano teacher. We had to move out of the area, and she will be greatly missed! Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lilly"


Student's testimonials

"...I highly recommend Ms. Natalia as a piano teacher for any child or adult..."