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Welcome to the student’s page. Here you can find useful information about recital etiquette and learn the different styles of music, download sheet music, read the biography of different composers, and more.

Recital etiquette

Students at Nadia School of MusicHere are some rules everyone should follow during recital:

1. Please arrive at the performance hall at least 20 minutes before the recital.

2. It is expected that all students will dress neatly in dressy but comfortable clothes. Dangle bracelets, tee shirts, mini skirts, jeans and sneakers are discouraged.

3. The performer should take a few seconds to adjust the bench when first seated (the teacher will help younger students with this).

4. Applause should be acknowledged. At the end of the performance, the student should take a standing bow before returning to her/his seat.

5. RECITALS ARE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE AS WELL AS ENTERTAINMENT. Everyone should remain for the entire recital. Students succeed when they have support. Family members and friends are encouraged to attend. (Toddlers who might be distracting should not attend.)

6. Distractions can cause a performer (and the audience) to lose concentration. Please do not use flash cameras during a performance.

7. If you need to leave the concert, wait until applause and quietly exit the room. If you try to enter the room you should wait outside of the performance hall until you hear applause and then enter the hall.

Teaching music to children

For the Parents/Adult Students:

--Being involved in your child’s progress is very important to your child’s success.

--Ninety-five percent of children need daily monitoring of their practice from their parents/guardians.

--It is important to set a specific schedule and follow it during the school year. Daily practice should be at least 20 minutes for kids 5-7 years of age, at least 30 minutes for students aged 7-12, and 45 minutes or more for older students and those at advanced levels. Daily practice should be without distraction to accomplish the goal of the assignment, rather then counting minutes. Studies shown that kids who have support from their parents are willing to practice more and get more excited about music lessons than those who practice on their own.

--It is a important to follow the instructions of your teacher to be able to maintain good weekly progress. It is better to plan your lesson time rather than simply play a piece from beginning to end with the same mistakes. Rather, attempt to take the musical piece apart and repeat problem multiple times until the student is able to play it smoothly and without errors.

--Scales: Most students do not understand why practicing scales is important. The answer is simple: scales are exercise for the fingers. The more one practices scales, the stronger, faster, and more adept the fingers are to play the proper notes. All students should include scales in their daily routine and warm up before trying to practice their own pieces.

Music History

It is important to read about music history. The knowledge of the different styles of music and composers will help you to better understand the piece you are playing and create the sound of that particular time period.

Here is some of the best online resources available for you:

Baroque Period (1600-1760) :

Classic Period (1730-1820):

Romantic Period (1815-1910):

Modern and contemporary period (1900-2000):


1975-to present:

Download Sheet music:

To order music books on-line:

The Russian School of Piano Playing book 1 part 1
The Russian School of Piano Playing book 1 part 2
The Russian School of Piano Playing book 2

Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber:

Adult Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randal Faber:

Student's testimonials

"...I am very grateful to Nadia for her help, and I can highly recommend her to adults who want to learn or improve their play, as well as to parents with younger children who need special training...."


Student's testimonials

"...Marina is an exceptionally patient and caring piano teacher. We had to move out of the area, and she will be greatly missed! Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lilly"


Student's testimonials

"...I highly recommend Ms. Natalia as a piano teacher for any child or adult..."